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Cabo Verde: Fogo Volcano Emergency Situation Report No. 12 (as of 23 December 2014)



  • The Chã das Caldeiras area has been evacuated following the eruption of Pico Fogo Volcano on 23 November an access restricted since 7 December by Civil Protection authorities due to increased volcanic activity.

  • Updated figures indicate 1076 persons have been displaced and are currently housed in temporary accommodation centers, shelter units built after the 1995 eruption, and with host families.

  • The contingency plan for the possible evacuation of Cutelo Alto and Fonsaco areas was completed.

  • According to analysis provided by the local scientific community and international experts in Fogo, if the lava flow reaches Fernão Gomes, it will most likely descend the north-east side of the volcano.

  • An additional 2109 people may need to be evacuated within and may need temporary accommodation and assistance. This lava front continues to be monitored and for the past week it remains stationary.

  • According to reports from Civil Protection, the community of Portela and Bangaeira have been destroyed 100%.

  • About 444.7 hectares of land have now been destroyed, including agricultural fields.

  • Volcanic activity continues, lava flow, small explosions, gases and ashes continues to be expelled.

  • In the past week the emissions have developed several new fronts which continue to claim agriculture land, houses and another wine cellar in the community of “Ilheu de Lorna”

  • No immediate threat to human health reported and the air and water quality continued to be monitored by INMG and ANAS respectively.

  • Humanitarian assistance is ongoing. Displacement will continue for a period of time to be determined as conditions in Chã das Caldeiras are not safe for return.