Côte d'Ivoire

WFP Hunger Ambassador Jose Mourinho Shines Light on Child Victims of Forgotten Crisis

ABIDJAN – World Food Programme (WFP) Ambassador Against Hunger, Jose Mourinho, has used a visit to Ivory Coast to draw attention to the positive impact that good nutrition can have on the lives of young children. In his first trip as a WFP Hunger Ambassador, Mourinho visited a school in Yamoussoukro, where children receive free daily meals as part of a WFP programme.

“Food is a magnet for these kids, encouraging them to stay in school helping them to focus on their lessons and providing the nutrition they need to lead healthy lives,” Mourinho said after his visit to Nanan primary school outside Yamoussoukro last week. “WFP is there for these children, whether they are in Ivory Coast, Syria, South Sudan, or anywhere else where access to healthy, nutritious food is a challenge.”

WFP works in partnership with the national government and non-governmental organisations in Ivory Coast and has provided food assistance throughout the recent periods of civil conflict and insecurity.

“WFP food assistance helped to save lives during the years of civil strife here in Ivory Coast, but it plays an equally vital role in ensuring stability and future development now that the country has embarked on the path to peace,” said WFP Country Director, Gianluca Ferrera. “Jose Mourinho’s visit is hugely important as it helps us to draw attention back to Ivory Coast and show the positive progress we have made in recent years while reminding the world of the important work that remains to be done.”

Jose Mourinho was announced as a WFP Ambassador Against Hunger in May this year and will be working as an advocate for the organisation, raising awareness about WFP’s work and the push to reach zero hunger. He is part of a team of WFP ambassadors that include the actor, Drew Barrymore, the singer, Christina Aguilera and the footballer Kaka.

*A selection of photos documenting Jose Mourinho’s trip to Ivory Coast can be accessed via this link: http://we.tl/yfZJkJhZD7