Côte d'Ivoire

WFP Côte d'Ivoire Country Brief, November 2021


In Numbers

  • 20,922 MT of food assistance distributed.

  • USD 0 cash-based transfers made.

  • USD 3.4 m six months (December 2021 – May 2022) net funding requirements.

  • 32,222 people assisted in November 2021.

Operational Updates

  • In November, 32,222 students (68 percent of girls and 32 percent of boys) benefitted from 20,922mt of assorted food commodities provided through the school canteens. The school canteen coverage during the month account for around 26 percent of 125,000 total planned students to benefit from the school canteen programme.

  • Cadre Harmonisé study conducted in October 2021 revealed that 6 percent of the total population (944,561 people) in Cote d’Ivoire are classified in the emergency crisis phase and will need urgent emergency intervention.

  • WFP organized a five-day workshop from 29 November to 2 December 2021 during which Standard operating procedures (SOPs) for resilience projects were developed. The workshop was attended by WFP’s partners involved in resilience projects; Direction des Cantines Scolaires (DCS), Ministry of Agriculture (MEMINADER) and ANADER. These SOPs would serve as a framework for the implementation of the Mc Govern-Dole project component related to supporting smallholders’ farmers groups.

  • The baseline evaluation of the Mc Govern-Dole 2015-2020 project and the final evaluation of the former McGovern Dole phase are currently underway. The Evaluation company IMPAQ international trained the enumerators and field-tested the data collection tools, under the supervision of WFP and its partners, Association des Volontaires pour le Service International (AVSI) and the Direction des Cantines Scolaires (DCS).

  • WFP provided technical support to the ministry of agriculture while it conducted the “Cadre harmonisé” investigation for food security assessment and the “Dispositif de Suivi de la Sécurite Alimentaire (DISSA)”.

  • WFP Health supply chain unit continued to support the central medical store (NPSP), a branch of the ministry of health, to improve its fleet management system and optimize its distribution network. The first draft of key performance indicators has been submitted to the NPSP. Additionally, the emergency preparedness tool of the ministry of health has been fully reviewed as a first step towards preparation of a pandemic response.