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UNHCR Cote d'Ivoire Factsheet - February 2018


  • Abidjan’s Declaration 3rd anniversary in the context of the eradication of Statelessness.

  • 158 Ivorian refugees repatriated back to Cote D’Ivoire from Liberia.

  • Cross-Border meeting in Ghana in regards to voluntary repatriation.

Main Activities

Voluntary Repatriation of Ivorian Refugees

■ On 06 February, a "Go and See" mission of Ivorian refugees from Guinea arrived in Danané (west) to collect relevant information on the current situation in Côte d'Ivoire. Among other things, the mission was able to assess the security situation in the return areas visited and the land conflict resolution mechanism currently in place.

■ On 13 February, UNHCR-CDI participated in a Cross-Border meeting which took place in Takoradi (Ghana). Both the Government of Ghana and of Cote d’Ivoire support the Voluntary repatriation process and encourage the return of Ivorian refugees, efforts of both countries and UNHCR have recently heightened and will complement each other in order to provide to support refugees whom return to their country.

■ On 23 February, one refugee has been repatriated to CDI from Benin with UNHCR support.

■ 27 February, 59 households of 157 Ivorian refugees were safely repatriated back to Cote d’Ivoire from Liberia, thanks to UNHCR and its partners.

■ As part of the 2017 shelter project and in the context of the UNHCR reintegration program for Ivorian returnees; 252 houses and 227 latrines have been completed out of the 278 planned for each in both Guiglo (west) and Tabou (south-west).