Côte d'Ivoire

Cote d’Ivoire: COVID-19 Situation Report – #15: Reporting Period: 18 to 31 July 2020

Situation Report
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Situation Overview and Humanitarian Needs

Over the last two months, COVID-19 cases have quintupled. 27 out of 33 health regions and 59 out of 113 health districts reported at least one case. 95% of reported cases were in the Greater Abidjan area. Aboisso, San Pédro and Bouaké are the main hotspots outside Abidjan. As of 29 July, out of the 15,813 confirmed COVID-19 cases, 58% are male and 42% female, 10,973 people (68.7%) have recovered,4,921 cases (31%) remain active and 99 people (0.63%) have died.

• UNICEF organised an internal workshop to conduct the mid-year review of its work and programmes. The workshop included a review of every component of UNICEF’s work in Côte d’Ivoire and will allow UNICEF to better position itself in the upcoming six months.

• A partnership was signed with the international NGO Action contre la faim (Fight Against Hunger) for the improvement of WASH conditions and IPC in 17 health centres in Abidjan. The partnership also covers the management of malnutrition in these 17 health centres and in surrounding communities.

• UNICEF is supporting the Ministry of Education to launch a back-to-school campaign that focuses on girls’ education. UNICEF also published a case study on the continuity of learning in Côte d’Ivoire, which includes the country’s distance learning programme, community-based monitoring and approach to reopen schools.