Côte d'Ivoire

Cote d’Ivoire Coronavirus (COVID-19) Situation Report No. 3 


Reporting Period: 4 to 10 April 2020


• In collaboration with the Ministry of Youth, UNICEF started training 50 young bloggers on how to identify and respond to fake news.

• UNICEF engaged with 97 social services to enable front-line social workers to carry out community prevention work and case management.

• With support from UNICEF, the nationwide distance learning program, “Mon école à la maison” was officially launched on TV, Radio, WebTV in addition to the free of charge SMS-based learning system.

Situation overview and needs   

The number of COVID-19 cases more than doubled compared to last week (from 194 on April 3th to 444 on April 10th) with cases reported in 26 districts among the 113 districts nationwide. Transmission is now occurring at a community level (phase 3). With this trend, Cote d’Ivoire could reach 1,000 COVID-19 cases by April 17.  

Despite intense communication efforts, the population remains anxious. A COVID-19 isolation site under construction was dismantled in Yopougon (suburb of Abidjan) by members of the community. A truck from the National Drug Store was attacked by demonstrators in Bangolo (45 km from Man). The National Security Council condemned both acts.  

The Government announced a contribution of 25 billion CFA to the Public Health Response Plan (total 95.5 billion CFA) with additional testing capacities (up to 45 sites nationwide) and the order or production of masks and drugs to cover the country’s needs. The Government also announced a contribution of 20 billion CFA to the Solidarity Fund to distribute food and non-food items to the most vulnerable.