Côte d'Ivoire

Security Council Committee concerning Côte d'Ivoire revises guidelines

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The Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 1572 (2004) concerning Côte d'Ivoire adopted revised guidelines for the conduct of its work on 20 April 2007.

The main purpose of this revision was to bring the Committee's guidelines in line with the provisions contained in Security Council resolution 1730 (2006). To that effect, paragraph 10 of the revised guidelines, which deals with the de-listing procedure, has been modified. Resolution 1730 (2006) requested the Secretary-General to establish within the Secretariat (Security Council Subsidiary Organs Branch) a focal point to receive de-listing requests and to perform the tasks described in the annex of the resolution. Petitioners seeking to submit requests for de-listing can now do so either through the focal point process or through their State of residence or citizenship. The contact details of the Focal Point for De-listing and other relevant information can be found at the following website: http://www.un.org/sc/committees/dfp.shtml.

A paragraph has been added to the revised guidelines reflecting the provisions contained in paragraph 12 of Security Council resolution 1572 (2004) on requests for exemptions to the assets freeze. Furthermore, references to relevant provisions contained in Security Council resolutions 1643 (2005) and 1727 (2006) have been added to the revised guidelines. The time periods mentioned in paragraphs 9 (a) and (c), 10 (a), 12, 14 and 26 of the revised guidelines have been changed to five working days.

The revised guidelines also contain some technical improvements with a view to bringing more accuracy and consistency throughout the text.

It is the hope of the Committee that the revised guidelines will serve as a better tool for its own work and provide useful guidance to Member States in their implementation efforts.

The revised guidelines can be found at the Committee's website: http://www.un.org/sc/committees/1572/index.shtml.

A note verbale from the Chairman of the Committee officially transmitting the revised guidelines to all States and relevant international and regional organizations will follow shortly.

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