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Response to Ivorian Refugee Crisis in Liberia - Weekly Sitrep No 16 : 15 - 21 May 2011

Situation Report
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• According to UNHCR, as of 22 May 2011, an estimated 182,581 Ivoirian refugees had crossed into Liberia since the influx commenced in November 2010. Out of this, 135,138 refugees have been registered under the emergency registration process, while 47,443 refugees have been individually registered. A verification exercise is ongoing.

• In Grand Gedeh County, UNHCR estimates that the influx of newly arrived Ivoirians who reach the Janzon axis has reduced from 200/day the previous week to around 130/day over the reporting period. They claim that a large number of refugees may soon cross into Liberia through Pohan or Bawaydee.

• Information gathered during a border monitoring visit to Toblee, in Grand Gedeh County, indicates that a group of Liberian men looted a village in Cote d’Ivoire. Armed elements in Cote d’Ivoire have vowed revenge, resulting in some 500 refugees from Toblee fleeing to Bare Town, citing security concerns.

• There is still some pressure on Ivoirian civil servants and other Ivoirian refugees to return to their jobs in Cote d’Ivoire.

• There have been reports of armed robbery in Grand Gedeh and Maryland Counties (including 2 unsuccessful attempts on UN staff residences) over the last 10 days. UNPOL and the Liberia National Police have been requested to increase patrols. The Liberian Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization (BIN) conducted investigations into reports that 75 to 100 Liberian mercenaries had crossed into Liberia in the border areas between Zwedru in Grand Gedeh, and Harper in Maryland County. Although newly arrived civilian Ivoirian refugees were identified, no armed Liberian mercenaries were found.

• BIN officials have reported that some of the 1400 Guinean asylum seekers who fled into Liberia’s northern Bong County two weeks ago have started to return to their villages in Guinea.

• The UN Mission’s Special Representative of the Secretary‐General, Ellen Margrethe Løj, chaired an Open Discussion on the refugee situation in Liberia, which was attended by a delegation headed by the German Minister for Economic Corporation and Development, and representatives from LRRRC, UN Agencies, and national and German media. The German Minister announced a €5 million contribution to southeastern Liberia (to be channeled through a German NGO).

• Some sectors in the Emergency Humanitarian Action Plan have received inadequate funding. Urgent funding in these areas is needed to ensure refugees and host communities receive adequate and appropriate assistance.