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Response to Ivorian Refugee Crisis in Liberia - Weekly Sitrep No 11: 9 - 15 April 2011

Situation Report
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  • According to UNHCR, a fresh influx of Ivorian refugees has been reported mainly in Liberia’s southeastern Grand Gedeh County, with a total of 13, 834 Ivorians arriving in Liberia in Toe Town, Janzon, Pohan, Boe, Bawaydee and Tempo communities following news of the arrest of former President Laurent Gbagbo on Monday, 11 April. The refugees, who are of Guéré ethnicity, have stated that they initially moved from their towns and villages to the border area inside Côte d’Ivoire, but later decided to cross into Liberia after hearing of reprisal attacks in Abidjan against Gbagbo’s supporters. Some of the new arrivals are being relocated to the Ministry of Agriculture and Ziah Town transit centres in Grand Gedeh County.

  • With the new influx in Grand Gedeh, UNHCR estimates that more than 150,000 Ivorian refugees have crossed into Liberia since November 2010. This includes 43,978 individually registered refugees.

  • According to UNHCR, while Ivorian refugees continue to cross into Grand Gedeh, the trend of new arrivals into Maryland County has progressively decreased with new arrivals reported through Kableken and Duokodi border crossing points, according to UNHCR. The overall refugee population in Maryland County as of 17 April 2011 is 11, 643 refugees, including 5,042 at the Bishop Ferguson Transit Centre, 4,500 estimated to be in communities and 2,101 registered in host communities. A verification of Ivorian refugees was undertaken at the transit cen-tre, while 442 refugees who initially settled in Dakay Town and Kablaken communities along the border were relocated to the transit centre.