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Oxfam GB Liberia External Sitrep no. 2

Situation Report
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Key Issues

The latest UNHCR registration figures (4/5) for refugees in Liberia are 45,615 individually registered and 120,192 influx-emergency registrations.

On (1/5) UNHCR and NGOs met with the refugee community to discuss the move to the Little Wlebo camp in Maryland, which was not accepted by the refugees. UNHCR stated that the relocation would take place again in coming days, which caused increased tensions with the refugee community. The issues that are causing concern within the refugee population include: the camp being too far from Harper town, they do not want to construct their own houses, the cell phone coverage is poor, and there will be little food to eat and/or buy locally. A further meeting was due to be held on 3/5 to initiate movement to the camp.

It should be noted that the above concerns in Maryland are also relevant for the camp site selected in Grand Gedeh (distance from market, limited employment opportunities, no mobile network).

Access to food is an increasing problem: a WFP food distribution will soon target 60,000 people at 12 distribution points in Grand Gedeh.

The $146.5 million EHAP for Liberia has received just 29% of the funds requested, while a new $160 million EHAP for Ivory Coast has received only 18%.