Côte d'Ivoire

Ivory Coast: Action against hunger launches food aid program

Faced with problems of access to food in the northern regions of the country, Action Against Hunger has opened a mission in Ivory Coast to:

  • conduct food distributions in Bouake from the beginning of December
  • and continue active nutritional surveillance in the region

A country divided in two

Following the troubles that broke out mid-September in Ivory Coast, the Action Against Hunger team has conducted an evaluation of humanitarian needs, especially in the northern regions that are cut off from supplies coming from Abidjan.

Today, the country is divided in two. The usual trade circuits are extremely disrupted: fuel, rice and salt are scarce. In addition, banks and other financial institutions have been closed, denying the population access to their money.

Bouake, a city in danger

Bouake is a strategic point for both production and transit of numerous foodstuffs destined for the city, for other regions further north, and even neighboring countries. Bouake is paralyzed at the present time. Action Against Hunger fears a deterioration in the food situation and, consequently, in the population's nutritional status, due to their lack of payment possibilities, the scarcity of certain essential products (rice, fuel, medicines), and the rapid depletion of local products (vegetables, potatoes, corn, and yams).

To prevent such a situation, Action Against Hunger has opened a mission in Ivory Coast and is preparing to carry out a targeted food distribution in the city of Bouake. In December, Action Against Hunger will start a food aid program in Bouake, in collaboration with the World Food Program, focusing primarily on children under ten. A program to monitor the food security and nutritional situation has been put in place. A team of 6 volunteers, including nutrition and food security experts, is currently working in the area.

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