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Ivorians in Berlin donate 17 million FCFA to war displaced

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Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, (PANA) - Ivoirians and friends of Côte d=B4Ivoire based in Berlin, Germany have donated materials worth 17 million FCFA to war displaced persons in Bondoukou, 450 km north-east of Abidjan, says a news release issued to PANA here Thursday.
According to the release, the group donated drugs, bed sheets, blankets, towels and clothes, shoes, school supplies and cooking utensils.

The donation left Hamburg port by ship on 31 December 2002 and is expected to be available by 15 January.

Meanwhile, another consignment of drugs worth 2.9 million FCFA has also been sent to the Treichville Cardiology Centre.

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