Côte d'Ivoire

Daily Brief on Côte d'Ivoire for Tuesday 22 May 2007


- Variety of weapons handed to BENINBATT following symbolic dismantling ceremony

- Licorne camp in Man to be removed on 28th May 2007

- Villagers attack a vehicle of US Embassy official

- Man street named after Bangladesh Battalion


Following the disarmament of militia ceremony in Guiglo on 19th May 2007, various types of weapons have been handed over to BENINBATT. The serviceable weapons included AK-47s, PM 9 mm sterling, RPG 7, 12 mm hunting guns. The weapons are being kept in BENINBATT's custody.

GHANBATT has been asked to provide security escort for a delegation of officials from the Integrated Commander Centre, UNOCI, PNDDR who will visit DDR sites in Bondoukou and Bouna on 22nd and 23rd May 2007.


The Licorne camp based in the city will be removed on 28th May 2007 and the handover of building ceremony will be attended by the Ivorian Minister of Education.

Arms embargo

Military observers from Bouna along with UNPOL, escorted by GHANBATT conducted an arms embargo inspection at the Armed Forces of the Forces Nouvelles (FAFN) camp in the town.


An official of the United States Embassy in Cote D'Ivoire has informed SENBATT that on 20th May 2007, on his way from Grand-Bereby, near Mani Bereby, he was stopped by a man carrying a big stone. He continued on his journey but on his way back at the same place he found the road blocked by some very hostile villagers. They asked him to get out of the vehicle and threw stones at it slightly damaging it. He later reported the matter to the gendarmerie in San Pedro.

Military Observers at Bouaké who met the chief of the village committee in Sakoussou were told that there has been an increase in deforestation conducted by lumberjacks since the dismantling of the ZOC


A street-naming ceremony was yesterday organized by the Mayor of Danané during which he provisionally named one of the roads in the town 'Bangladesh Street'. The street was inaugurated by Sector West Commander, Brigadier-General Mainul. The ceremony was attended by FDSFN Sector Commander, Captain Eddy Meddy and officials from the local authorities.