Côte d'Ivoire

Daily brief on Côte d'Ivoire for Tuesday 10 Apr 2007

Situation Report
Originally published

- High-level delegation led by ASG Annabi arrives in Abidjan;

- New cabinet holds its first meeting;

- One fatality reported in clash between Burkinabés in Bagohouo;

- FDS-FN find rocket in Danané;

- Teamsite Séguéla visits DDR site in Kani area;


A high-level UN delegation led by Assistant Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Missions, Hedi Annabi, arrived in Abidjan on Monday to assess the contribution the United Nations needs to make with regard to the implementation of the March 4 Ouagadougou Agreement. The delegation paid a courtesy call on the Minister of Foreign Affairs and met with ONUCI's Officer in charge Abou Moussa, heads of sections and the High Representative for Elections on Tuesday.

Côte d'Ivoire's new cabinet, led by Guillaume Soro, held its first meeting on Saturday, when its composition was also announced to the public. Some newspapers pointed out that a major change in the new government was that both the "sovereignty" ministries - Defence and Security - were now headed by members of the ruling Front populaire ivoirien.


One person reportedly died and another was severely wounded on 8 April following a dispute between Burkinabés in a village near the Pakbatt camp in the locality of Bagohouo. The two men were among four youths involved in the conflict who were shot at by unknown assailants while on their way to a meeting called to resolve the dispute. ONUCI and the local gendarmerie are following up the matter. However, UNPOL from Duékoué, escorted by a Pakbatt patrol, went to the scene of the incident on 9 April, but found no dead body or any indication that a murder had taken place. UNPOL also questioned two persons who were supposed to have been involved in the reported incident, but no further information was received.

On 7 April, a Pakbatt day patrol on the road between Diourouzon, Guinglo Soropan, Guehiebli and Delobli met two persons near the village of Gozon, who told the peacekeepers they had been robbed five minutes before by six armed robbers who stole CFA 15,000 from them and fired a few rounds, injuring one man in the right foot. At the same time, the patrol heard shots coming from an area in the jungle about two km from Gozon. When the patrol reached the site, it found two persons tied to a tree. They, too, reported that they had been robbed by six men who took away CFA 55000 from them. Other robberies of a similar nature have been reported in the area. Two persons injured in these attacks were transported to Bangolo Hospital.

A 20-year-old woman was raped on the night of 8 April 2007 by two armed unidentified armed men between Duekoué and Bangolo.


On 9 April, the Defence and Security Forces of the Forces Nouvelles (FDS-FN) in Danané showed UNPOL-Danane a rocket about 67 cm long and its propellant charge - about 29 cm long - which they said they had found about 20 metres from their checkpoint, near the Danané High School. The FDS-FN said this ordnance came from elsewhere but gave no further details. The matter was also reported to the Milobs and Banbatt unit in the area. The FDS-FN security officer took the rocket and propellant back to the FDS-FN camp for further investigations.


A routine patrol from Teamsite Seguela went to the locality of Kani on 09 Apr and visited DDR sites located in the area. The patrol interacted with the commander of the 54th Battalion based in Kani, who informed it that the DDR site there was not yet ready and that major technical renovation was required, along with kitchen and infirmary equipment. Water and electricity were not available in the main buildings. Moreover, because of lack of maintenance, some of the buildings were gradually deteriorating. All the buildings required cleaning and maintenance.


Pakbatt provided water and medicines in Bangolo, and donated other items to the population in churches in Duékoué on Sunday on the occasion of Easter. This gesture was welcomed by the population.

The UN Population Fund, UNFPA, and Medecins sans frontières (MSF) paid a joint visit on Friday 6 April to the Bouaké University Hospital within the framework of the process of handing over this institution, hitherto run by MSF, to the authorities. UNPFA, which has pledged to assist the authorities with the hospital, went to assess the situation with a view to the rehabilitation of the surgical wing, the emergency service and the gynecological section. At the end of the visit, UNFPA gave a set of medicines to the FN authorities.