Côte d'Ivoire

Daily Brief on Côte d'Ivoire for Thursday 31 May 2007


- UNOCI peacekeepers try to reason with disgruntled militias

- Former FAFN soldier asks UNOCI to help recover his belongings


A routine patrol, which went to Carrefour village near Duékoué yesterday met with members of the APWE militia group and urged them to exercise restraint with regard to their payment for handing in their weapons. The militiamen explained that they had only received 12,500 CFA and were therefore not satisfied. They also said that they no longer consider Colombo, Sian Rachel, Bah Roland and Doho Bah as their leaders. The patrol asked them to act in a responsible way and avoid trouble, which they agreed to do. UNOCI military personnel continue closely monitoring the situation.

Arms embargo

Military Observers supported by UNPOL from Seguela yesterday conducted an arms embargo inspection in Sarhala. Security was provided by BANBATT.

Human Rights

On 30 May, police authorities announced that they had conducted a raid in the districts of Treichville and Adjamé (Abidjan) where 191 people including 23 women and one military were arrested for drug trafficking and consumption. The 191 people have been placed in detention at the central police station in Abidjan for interrogation. Reliable sources indicated to UNOCI's Human Rights Division (HRD) that among the detainees were individuals some who were arbitrary arrested even though they were not involved in any drug trafficking or consumption. Police authorities refused to cooperate with the Human Rights Division sought to ascertain the conditions of arrest and detention of the detainees. The Abidjan Regional Human Rights Office is following the case with the Minister of the Interior and police authorities.

On 29 May, the Regional Human Rights Office in Bouaké received a military element of the FAFN, arrested on 3 April 2006 on suspicion of connivance with the enemy and detained at the civilian prison since then. He was released on 22 May in accordance with the Amnesty Ordinance of 12 April 2007. He requested the Office to recover his personal documents which, he alleged, had previously been taken away by a major from FAFN. The Office facilitated a meeting between him and the local office of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) that assists persons released from detention or prison.

In Yamoussoukro, night armed attacks against civilians' homes in violation of the right to security are on the rise in the Dioulabougou district. On 25 May, a civilian was attacked by three unidentified armed men who also wounded his wife and made away with their mobile phones. On 26 May, a Lebanese trader was shot in the leg by three other unidentified gunmen in his shop located in the former market in Yamoussoukro. The gunmen made away with his money.