Côte d'Ivoire

Daily brief on Côte d'Ivoire for Thursday, 21 Jun 2007

Situation Report
Originally published

- Mixed Brigade destined for Kanzra will now be deployed in Bonoufla

- MORBATT evacuates injured victims of road accident

- TOGOBATT and Licorne carry out amphibious exercise


TOGOBATT along with Licorne yesterday carried out an amphibious exercise at the "Centre d' Entrainement en Milieu Lagunaire" [Lagoon Environment Training Centre], which is run by the French force. The exercise was successfully conducted.

On the same day, the Abidjan Reserve Team carried out an arms embargo inspection at the Gendarmerie Commando Camp along with personnel from Licorne and UNPOL. TOGOBATT provided security escort. The inspected FANCI unit was generally cooperative.

A meeting to co-ordinate the deployment of the mixed brigades in Kanzra, Konandikro and Kokpingue was yesterday informed that the mixed brigade that was supposed to be deployed in Kanzra will now go to Bonoufla. The deployment in Kanzra, the meeting was told, was not possible because of the unavailability of water and electricity in the town.


A joint patrol comprising UNPOL and Military Observers from Odienné was carried out yesterday in Kimbrila - an area that lies between Odienné and the border with Mali - to show the Impartial Forces' presence after a recent increase in criminal activities.

Mobile Courts

The Electoral Officers in Man yesterday briefed UNOCI sections on their activities in the coming weeks in preparation for Mobile Courts which are due to resume soon. The meeting was attended by Military Observers and UNPOL from Danané.

The Electoral Assistance Unit in Bouaké has convened a working group of all the Mission's units in Sector East to coordinate the work and information linked to the Mobile Courts. The working group will meet once a week to coordinate UNOCI's observation of the public hearings and share and consolidate information about them


MORBATT peacekeepers on 19 June 2007 provided first aid to victims involved in a road traffic accident along the Djebonoua-Bouaké road. The soldiers also evacuated the victims - two of whom were seriously injured - to Bouaké Hospital. The accident happened when a minibus hit a car.