Côte d'Ivoire

Daily brief on Côte d'Ivoire for Thursday 12 Apr 2007

Situation Report
Originally published

- Annabi mission scheduled to meet President Gbagbo;

- Bikers shoot at pedestrians and drivers in Abidjan, wounding four;

- Villagers beat mentally-retarded boy to death near Duékoué;

- Dead body found in waterway in Seguela area;

- Minor dispute in Brobo flares up as a result of communal tensions;


A UN mission led by Assistant Secretary-General Hedi Annabi was scheduled to meet President Laurent Gbagbo today. Earlier in the day, it had separate meetings with the chief of staff of the Defence and Security Forces of Côte d'Ivoire (FDS-CI), General Philippe Mangou, the chief of staff of the Armed Forces of the Forces Nouvelles, Gen Bakayoko, and the leaders of some political parties. These meetings came one day after the two chiefs of staff, along with the commanders of the impartial forces, signed a document regarding the lifting of the zone of confidence as of 16 April. On Wednesday, the Annabi mission met with Prime Minister Guillaume Soro.


A Jorbat patrol in Abidjan observed three (3) civilians on motorcycles using pistols to fire on pedestrians and drivers. Four persons were injured. The gunmen escaped.

A mixed UNPOL-Milobs patrol visited Toumodi on Thursday 12 April, and met the local gendarmerie, who said there was an increase in crime along the Toumodi-Yamoussoukro road. They said bandits there wore military gear and were armed with weapons of war.

Social cohesion

Clashes that occurred in the central town of Brobo were reportedly sparked by a minor dispute between two individuals over the sum of CFA 1,000, which led to a fight in which many people were lightly injured, according to investigations by Milobs and UNPOL. On further investigation, UNPOL found that the dispute had ignited a deep malaise that existed already between Ivorians and foreigners (Burkinabé, Guineans etc). Traditional mechanisms for resolving conflicts are no longer respected by young people in the area, who see them as outmoded, which is why the Forces Nouvelles officials there have suggested to UNPOL and the Milobs to involve the FN authorities in finding solutions to the crisis, especially since Brobo is outside the zoc.