Côte d'Ivoire

Daily brief on Côte d'Ivoire for Monday 23 Apr 2007


- Évorian Government prepares a new road map

- Two seminars on Human Rights issues

Road map

A two-meeting was opened today in Bassam to prepare a Governmental seminar scheduled for early May with a view to creating a road map for the implementation of the Ouagadougou Accord signed on 4 March between President Laurent Gbagbo and the Secretary-General of the Forces Nouvelles, Guillaume Soro.


The Ministry of Justice wrote a letter asking UNOCI to provide transport to an evaluation team on identification that would be traveling in the North of Sector East (and to Man and Seguela in Sector West) from the 24 to 27 April. This team will be evaluating the "work that has been done".

Human Rights

The Ivorian Movement for Human Rights (MIDH) held two closing seminars this weekend in Bouaké and in Korhogo. With financial assistance from the German Embassy in Côte d'Iivoire and with moral support from UNOCI Human Rights section, MIDH has carried out a project to inform students of their human rights as defined by the penal code of Côte d'Ivoire and by international treaties signed by the government. The awareness raising project created Human Rights clubs in local high schools and at the closing ceremonies prizes were given to the students who had the highest score on the final exam administered by MIDH.

In Bouaké one UNOCI Human Rights Officer, Joel Mermet, was the keynote speaker and he gave an overview of the conditions of young people in Africa and of existing legislation to protect young people. The rights of young-women students was highlighted as was the question of whether girls should be allowed at school if they are pregnant. A representative of the FN also participated in the ceremony in Bouaké and he strongly supported the right of girls to attend school even if they are pregnant.

On 20 April, the Regional Human Rights Office in Odienné attended a meeting to plan an awareness-raising campaign on the right to an healthy environment which will be held for two months, from 23 April to 15 June. The campaign will be funded by the European Union and the UN Agencies in the region for a total amount of 25.000.000 FCFA (USD 50,000). In his opening remarks, the Chef du Cabinet of the FAFN North West zone highlighted the importance of the programme for the population which needs to learn how to protect their environment and to prevent diseases by respecting hygienic practices.

On 20 April, the Regional Human Rights Office in Bouaké had a working session with Mr. Abdoulaye Ouattara, head of the HIV/AIDS club at the University of Bouaké, during which they agreed on practical steps to organize training on HIV/AIDS and human rights for students in the region during the last week of May.