Côte d'Ivoire

Daily Brief for Côte d'Ivoire on Monday 21 May 2007


- UNOCI sends extra patrols to unstable areas in Sector East

- Electoral Advisers receive warm welcome in Divo


UNOCI and Licorne are increasing the number of patrols to Tehini, where an FN soldier was killed last week, around Ferkéssedougou where there has been an increase in criminal activity; and in the area around Brobo and south of Brobo in the ZOC where there has been a criminal element active for some time now.

UNPOL are investigating reports that road pirates were robbing passing vehicles in Sohou, 15 km north of Korhogo.


On the night of May 20, the Security Section was informed by the BANMED Level 2 hospital that a sick man who was found on the Daloa to Issia road and taken to BANMED hospital by MILOBS had died. The Regional Security Officer (RSO) reported to BANMED hospital accompanied by a local police officer to identify the dead body in the presence of his family members. The local police officer then wrote an authorization by law to the family members to carry the body to the morgue at Daloa Hospital. A death certificate was delivered by BANMED to the family members of the deceased man, while the body was handed over to them. It was mentioned in the certificate that the cause of death was celebral malaria with severe anemia. The dead body was carried in a local ambulance by family members to Daloa mortuary in the presence of RSO and the UNOCI security staff.

Electoral Assistance

An electoral team visiting the town of Divo was warmly welcomed by the local population which expressed its desire to see UNOCI presence in the town. Divo has been off-limits to UNOCI since the mission was established.

Human Rights

On 18 May, with a view to reinforcing the protection of the right of the child, the Odienné Regional Human Rights Office, the UNOCI Child Protection Unit and the field officer from UNICEF Odienné met to discuss ways and means of collaboration to promote and protect the right of the girl child and children involved in armed conflict. The team agreed on organizing capacity building sessions for local human rights NGOs working in the field of protection. The UNICEF field officer indicated that UNICEF was training 70 children affected by armed conflict in Touba. The programme will be extended to children in Odienné.

On 18 May, in relation to the return of the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), the Duékoué Regional Human Rights Office held a working session with a member of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to consolidate activities to promote and protect the IDPs' rights and assure their safe return to their respective home towns located in the Sous-Préfecture of Péhé.

On 17 May, the Regional Human Rights Office in Daloa organized a human rights training session for 59 students, members of the human rights club of the secondary schools Espérance, Touré Lycée Khalil and Lycée I. Discussions focused on a comparison of the provisions of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights with the human rights provisions of the Ivorian constitution. The Office also organized, on 16 May in Lycée Moderne Antoine Gauze, a conference on the right to education for more than 100 participants including students and teachers.