Côte d'Ivoire

Daily brief on Côte d'Ivoire for Friday 20 Apr 2007

Situation Report
Originally published

- UNOCI Force Commander briefs Defense Attachés in Abidjan

- MSF-France hands over hospital to the Minister of Health


The Force Commander of the United Nations Opération, General Fernand Marcel Amoussou today met the Defense Attaches in Abdijan to brief on the latest military developments following the beginning of the dismantling of the Zone of Confidence. On Thursday he held a meeting with Sector Commander of the Mission to clarify and assess the current situation in the ZOC and the deployment of ONUCI forces. During this conference, the commanding Officer of the ICC also presented the details of the Integrated Command Center (ICC) and mixed Brigade.


In a well-attended ceremony this morning the chief of MSF-France in Côte d'Ivoire Mr. Xavier Simon handed-over the responsibility of the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire (CHU) to Mr. Rémi Alla Kouadio the Minister of Health and Public Hygiene. MSF-France announced in December of last year that they would be leaving Bouaké at the end of April 2007. Since then they have worked tirelessly to make sure that the transition between their organization and the Government of Côte d'Ivoire went smoothly. The CHU hospital in Bouaké is one of the most important medical facilities in the region. More than 250 people work at the hospital and it has more medical equipment than most health centers in the surrounding area. The Minister of Health stated that business would continue as usual and said that his Ministry would ensure the good-functioning of this hospital. He stated that some of the medical technicians that had left the FN Zone would be returning to work and will carry-out trainings starting in May. MSF-France spent more than six million euro since coming to Bouaké, Korhogo and Man at the beginning of the crisis.


On 19 April - Representatives of BANBAT-3 and TS DANANE visited LOGUATU Camp of UNMIL, to attend the Coordination Meeting on forthcoming joint ONUCI/ UNMIL Special Operations along Liberian Border.

Arms Embargo

On 19 April UNOCI Military Observers based in Yamoussoukro along with BANBATT-4 escort carried out Arms embargo Inspection at FDSCI unit (air unit) at Yamoussoukro airport.


On 19 April - Young Patriots of BLOLEQUIN carried out a demonstration and asked for the departure of the French Support detachment from BENIN Company-2 compound. After discussions with the BENINBAT Coy Cdr, Young Patriots accepted to let French military team do the support job and go back.

Human Rights

On 18 April, the Regional Human Rights Office in Odienné organized and awareness seminar for 22 members of the human rights NGO, Synia, in the village of N'Doniégué situated 36 km east of Odienné on children rights with a particular emphasize on the right to education for young girls. Other participants included the chief of the Village, the Imam, the representative of the Mayor of Tiemé, and the president of the N'Doniégué youth association. In order to provide education for all the children of the village, the representative of the Regional Administration for National Education promised to open two classes for primary education in the next academic year.


On Wednesday night, a truck loaded with rice collided with a fallen tree on road Duekoue - Bangolo. Nobody was injured. PAKBATT patrol along with APC was sent to assist in recovering the truck and clearance of road.

On Thursday, at about 11.30 hours a large lorry, carrying coffee beans caught fire 1km North of Bonoufla Camp. A BANBAT-1 patrol extinguished the fire. No one was injured