Côte d'Ivoire

Daily Brief on Côte d'Ivoire for 18 Nov 2008


- Tourism Minister registers to vote at identification launch in Bouaké

- UNOCI and UNMIL carry out joint mission on DDR and DDM

- Three women raped in attack on camp in the west

Electoral process

The identification and voter registration operation was this morning launched in Bouaké at the Lycée Djibo in presence of the Minister of Tourism, Mr. Sidiki Konate, who represented Prime Minister Guillaume Soro. In a symbolic gesture to kick start the operation, Mr. Konate, the Prefect and the Mayor of Bouaké registered to vote. Some 58 data collecting centres will be opened in the Bouaké area out of a total of 174 centres in the Vallée du Bandama region. UNOCI is facilitating the transport of the identification equipment and staff by providing nine vehicles with drivers. Three more vehicles are expected next week.


A joint mission of UNOCI and UNMIL personnel is carrying out an assessment of the disarmament, demobilization and reintegration (DDR) and disarmament and dismantling of militias (DDM) processes in the central and western regions of Côte d'Ivoire. The delegation will meet the heads of international and national NGOs and local agencies dealing with DDR and DDM issues, as well as the main militia's leaders in Moyen Cavally region. In addition, the delegation will visit micro-projects sites in Bouaké. The mission will end in Monrovia on 19 and 20 of November, 2008.


Three women were raped by five armed men, who attacked a camp, 3 km from Bahé-sebon, in Guehiébli Sous-préfecture (west) on 15 November 2008. After terrorizing the population by shooting in the air, the assailants grabbed money and other valuables from their victims before locking up and raping the three. Following the incident, the Regional Human Rights Office in Duékoué met yesterday with the police commissioner of Duékoué and the commander of the Bangolo Mixed Brigade to discuss the deteriorating security situation in the Duékoué area, around the former zone of confidence (ZOC).

Violent clashes erupted between local farmers and cattle breeders in Bobi near Séguéla (centre-west) on 16 November 2008. The incident left several people injured and many houses burnt. According to the Sous-préfet of Séguéla the fighting started over grazing rights.

UNPOL yesterday reported that a 50-year-old farmer was killed and mutilated in Diarabana, 28 km north of Séguéla (centre west). Three of the victim's organs, including his heart, were removed, prompting rumours that it was ritual killing. Two Guineans have been arrested by the local Dozos in connection with the crime. The two alleged perpetrators are currently detained at the Armed Forces of the Forces Nouvelles (FAFN) police station in Séguéla. The Regional Human Right Office in Daloa as expressed concern over reprisals against the Guinean community in the region.

Human Rights

The Regional Human Rights Office in Odienné (north-west) is following up a report by a motor-taxi driver who said that he had witnessed a man shot dead by FAFN soldiers at a checkpoint at the western corridor of Odienné. He said he had been sent by an FAFN soldier to pick up the victim from Boundiali, but on arrival at the checkpoint they were stopped by an FAFN officer. The victim tried to escape but was caught and shot dead on the spot. The driver said he was then detained for three days by the alleged killers, who tortured and interrogated him. He said the FAFN soldiers took his mobile phone before releasing him.