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UNICEF Burundi Humanitarian Situation Report – 29 July 2015

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Key figures

58 Children detained on charges of “involvement in armed groups” following fighting in Kayanza province (UNICEF, 28 July)

14 Children sentenced to 2 years’ imprisonment on charges of “involvement in armed groups” (UNICEF, 28 July)

Over 177,000 Seeking asylum in neighbouring countries (UNHCR, 28 July)

1 New cholera case in Burundi since last reporting period, bringing the total to 181 confirmed cases (Ministry of Health, 28 July)


  • 21 July presidential elections resulted in the reelection of the country’s current President. The United Nations Electoral Observation Mission in Burundi (MENUB) concluded that the overall environment was ‘not conducive’ for an inclusive, free and credible electoral process.

  • Following fighting in the northern province of Kayanza, a total of 58 minors were arrested on charges of ‘involvement in armed groups’ and held in a high school in the province of Cibitoke, in dire conditions with limited access to water and food. 7 of these have since been released, whereas 14 have been sentenced to 2 years imprisonment

  • Twelve students who were excluded from their secondary school in Muyinga province on the grounds of their political affiliation have been allowed back to school

  • Concerns are emerging that the withdrawal of bilateral aid from a number of donor countries will lead to a reduction in available funds for social services - which risks to seriously threaten access to nutrition, healthcare and quality education for children in Burundi, especially the most vulnerable, over the medium and long term