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UNHCR Global Appeal 2006

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This Global Appeal is published to alert governmental and private sector donors, Executive Committee members and Standing Committee observers, Governments and their Permanent Missions in Geneva, the UN Secretariat, UN agencies, intergovernmental agencies, NGOs, regional organizations and other institutions and interested individuals to the plight of millions of refugees and other persons of concern falling within UNHCR's mandate. UNHCR's ninth Global Appeal outlines the Office's strategies and programmes for 2006, and will be launched officially at UNHCR's annual Pledging Conference in Geneva in late November 2005. At this conference, it is hoped that many donors will inform UNHCR of their funding priorities and make announcements of financial contributions towards the protection and humanitarian needs of the world's displaced. As the Office depends almost exclusively on voluntary contributions to finance and implement its programmes, flexible, early and predictable funding is vital to ensure smooth, uninterrupted operations.


Like previous editions, the format of the 2006 Global Appeal follows the structure of UNHCR's annual budget. However, some changes have been made to the presentation of the introductory chapters. In this document, special efforts have been made to highlight UNHCR's work to protect and provide durable solutions for refugees and other persons of concern in relation to the wide range of challenges which the Office will have to face in 2006. There is greater emphasis on strategic objectives, both at headquarters and regional levels, which reflect the progressive adoption of results-based management throughout the organization. The Headquarters chapter precedes the Global programmes chapter, in order to make clearer the differences between regular headquarters activities and programmes designed to support or to be implemented directly in the field. The 2006 Global Appeal continues to emphasize work in partnership with NGOs, other UN agencies, the Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement, and intergovernmental organizations such as the International Organization for Migration (IOM), donors and host governments, giving due recognition to the important contribution they make towards the realization of UNHCR's mandate. The special contribution of the World Food Programme (WFP) towards saving the lives of millions of refugees and internally displaced people and the cooperation between WFP and UNHCR will be an integral feature of the Global Appeal.

UNHCR's operations are presented in 19 regional overviews which include 36 operations chapters relating to 34 countries, according to UNHCR's regional structure. It must be noted that Chad and Sudan are, like last year, presented in a situational approach for the refugee and internally displaced groups in the subregion. However, in line with UNHCR's budget structure, each country budget is calculated within its respective region (Central Africa and the Great Lakes for Chad, East and Horn of Africa for Sudan).

In order to keep this document to a manageable length, only those operations with a budget of USD 5 million or more are presented in separate chapters. As in previous years, other operations are described in their respective regional overviews.

More detailed information on specific countries can be found on UNHCR's website at www.unhcr.org/cops, where country operations plans are posted for the convenience of members of UNHCR's Executive Committee (ExCom) and all other interested readers. Detailed information on UNHCR's policies, ExCom documents and decisions, news stories and publications can be found on UNHCR's website, www.unhcr.org.

The annexes include a list of current members of the Executive Committee. The Glossary has been revised to include terms such as "facilitation" and "promotion" of repatriation, which are frequently used in UNHCR operations.

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