Statement following the 4th session of Inter-Burundi Dialogue held in Arusha

  1. The Government of Burundi appreciates the efforts made by the countries of the sub-region to find solutions to Burundian problems. It is in this perspective that the Government wishes first of all to thank and reiterate its confidence in the Mediator in the Inter-Burundi dialogue, His Excellency YOWERI KAGUTA MUSEVENI, as well as in the facilitator His Excellency William Benjamin MKAPA for the efforts made to find grounds for agreement between the components of Burundian political class.

  2. The Government of Burundi has followed with particular attention the proceedings of the 4th Inter-Burundi Dialogue Session held in NGURDOTO, in the city of Arusha, United Republic of Tanzania, from 27 November to 8 December 2017, which brought together representatives of political parties, political actors as well as civil society actors and to which the Government of Burundi has responded.

  3. The Government thanks the facilitator, His Excellency Benjamin William MKAPA, for having listened to all the parties and especially for having understood the concern of the people of Burundi over national sovereignty and the rule of law, by inviting around the table of dialogue and in an inclusive way, political actors not prosecuted by justice or under the International Arrest Warrant.

  4. The Government of Burundi commends the constructive spirit that characterized the participants at this Session and welcomes the conclusions that have emerged from it, since the Facilitator has been able to identify areas of convergence that are far more numerous than those of disagreement on the issues which were on the agenda of the Session.

  5. The Government of Burundi notes with satisfaction that the areas of convergence between the components of Burundian political class mainly concern the fundamental political, social and economic life of the country, particularly the recognition of the sovereignty of the Republic of Burundi, the political, economic and social rights of all Burundians, as well as the commitment of the political class to put an end to impunity and to reject all forms of violence including hate speech as a means of resolving disputes. To this end, the Government thanks the various participants, both Political Parties and Civil Society, who have shown their patriotic spirit by putting first the best interests of their country, defending its sovereignty and democratic principles.

  6. The Government recalls that the Dialogue has always characterized Burundians and is, as a matter of principle permanent. Henceforth with the results of the 4th session which is the last held abroad, this Dialogue will continue and complete that which brought together the Burundians of the interior. The Government would like once again to appeal to politicians not wanted by the Justice in particular, those who are still abroad and to refugees in general, to return to their country and contribute to the preparations for the 2020 elections. The Government undertakes to take all necessary measures for their safety, which is indeed part of its daily routines.

  7. The Government of Burundi recalls that Burundi is not suffering from any crisis, let alone a political stalemate, inasmuch as the current institutions elected by the people in 2015 are functional. It also reaffirms its determination to defend the sovereignty and the political and economic independence of the country.

  8. Also, the Government will very soon launch the campaign of popularization and explanation of the proposed provisions for a new constitution amended in the spirit of strengthening this sovereignty based on the values of justice, democracy, pluralism, respect for fundamental freedoms and rights of the individual, unity and national solidarity as recommended by the population during the Internal Dialogue. The draft of the new Constitution will be submitted to the popular referendum for adoption in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Constitution in force.

  9. The Government of Burundi appeals to all Burundians in general, and politicians in particular, to subscribe to the logic of peace and patriotism by participating in this process, which is an important step in the preparations for the 2020 elections of which it guarantees inclusiveness and a calm climate.

Done at Bujumbura, 11th of December 2017

Secretary-General and Spokesman
of the Government.-