SITREP of 7 March, 2016 - Contingency Plan for El Nino & Civil Unrest


Overview From 4 to 6 March, the provinces of Cibitoke, Ngozi and Kayanza experienced heavy rainfall caused by El Nino phenomenon. Those provinces recorded casualties such death, wounded persons and destruction of houses and crops following those heavy rains.

  1. Cibitoke province
  • 2 persons killed by landslide in Mabayi commune

  • 1 person died drowned in Bukinanyana Commune

  • 4 children wounded in their house collapsed in Mugina commune

  • 3 wounded by landslide in Mabayi Commune

  • 50 houses destroyed by torrential rains in Mugina Commune

  • 110 ha of cultivated fields flooded by rain water

  • 1 church destroyed by violent wind in Buganda commune

  1. Kayanza
  • 1 church damaged by torrential rains in Gahombo Commune

  • 1 basic school whose roof was removed by violent wind in Gahombo commune

  1. Ngozi
  • 4 classrooms whose roof was removed by violent wind Ruhororo commune