The Ruhagarika village Red Cross Unit is preparing to take care of vulnerable children in their community

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Vulnerable children of Ruhagarika village Unit (Cibitoke-Buganda) can be proud of a better future after the withdrawal of the OVC project supported by the Norwegian Red Cross. Within two years only, the Ruhagarika volunteers have already benefited from a support made of 80 goats. After reinvestment combined with their own efforts, they are now raising 3 beautiful cows.

On January 5th 2011, Naess Torild, the Norwegian regional representative was very excited after visiting them. “What I had seen encourages us to bring you more support”, she said with great joy. The Burundi Red Cross Secretary General was also tremendously.

“In order to encourage you, you will soon get 2 additional cows from the Headquarters”, he declared.

Anselme katiyunguruza however recommended them to get involved into the solidarity chain philosophy for neighbors to pastoralists. The Ruhagarika Chairman Village unity, Josephat Niyonkuru, is committed to go further to build a more prosperous future for children.

For the time being, the Ruhagarika volunteers are exploiting 2 hectares of maize and 30 ares of cassava. “We are confident that we are going to buy more cows after harvest”, stated josephat Niyonkuru.

The Ruhagarika village Unit has now 90 OVC project-supported vulnerable children.