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RI undertakes field humanitarian assessment mission to Tanzania and the Congo

RI Advocates, Veronika Martin and Anne Edgerton will be conducting a humanitarian assessment mission to Tanzania and the Congo.
The numerous camps in western Tanzania host more than 500,000 refugees from Burundi, Congo, and Rwanda. Some of these camps have existed since 1993, and some are new. There are approximately 3,000 new arrivals in Tanzania every month.

In Tanzania, they will interview Burundian and Congolese refugees to determine protection issues; evaluate the level and quality of reproductive health services for refugee women; and emphasize the need for women's political representation in the camp management and camp planning structure.

The most recent humanitarian mission to the Congo in April determined that recruitment of child soldiers has continued, while humanitarian access to displaced populations is currently improving but is sporadically insecure. One of the objectives of the upcoming assessment mission to Congo will be to examine progress made in the demobilization of soldiers. In addition, they will work to determine whether all sides continue to recruit child soldiers.

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