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OCHA/UNHCR Joint Donor and Partner Briefing: Burundi Crisis and the Regional Humanitarian Scenario for Great Lakes and Horn of Africa, 17 June 2015


OCHA and UNHCR jointly convened a donor and partner briefing on 17 June 2015 to discuss the Burundi crisis, its effects on neighbouring countries, and the Regional Humanitarian Scenario for the Great Lakes and Horn of Africa. OCHA’s Regional Office for Eastern Africa (OCHA-EA) provided a recap of key political and humanitarian developments in Burundi for the past two months, including key findings from a joint rapid humanitarian assessment mission. UNHCR provided an overview of refugee outflows from Burundi to neighbouring countries, and financial requirements to meet refugee needs through September. OCHA-EA also presented on regional risk analysis and humanitarian scenarios.

Looking forward for Burundi:

  • Partners should plan for a protracted state of uncertainty in Burundi.

  • There is a deteriorating economic/fiscal picture.

  • Consider humanitarian, resilience and development gaps together. The HCT must provide an analysis of the linkages between regular programming, impacts of the current crisis and new pockets of acute needs.

  • Establish a monitoring mechanism (with buy-in from Government to secure access) for vulnerability profiling and to understand the reasons for flight.

  • Better articulate consequences of inaction for advocacy, the threat to regional stability in a worst-case scenario, and other dynamics.

  • Further reinforce the capacity to respond, in terms of human resources and stocks at national and sub-national levels.


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