Kirundo: Seed fair for the most vulnerable households

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The agricultural season B looks to be good for some vulnerable households from Busoni commune of Kirundo province. 500 vulnerable households from the 10 hills/villages of Busoni commune had access to the selected seeds thanks to the fair organized by the Burundi Red Cross and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

It was on March 6, 2018 in Gitanga village. Each household received a token that allowed him to buy at least 27 kg of preferred quality of bean seeds from suppliers who sold them on spot. Repatriate households received, in addition to seeds, two hoes.

In addition, beneficiaries were identified by Red Cross volunteers from the Branch of Kirundi in close collaboration with the grassroots public authorities. These are households of people living with disabilities, elderly people, children head of households and households with 5 children showing signs of malnutrition.

The fair is in the line of strengthening resilience of vulnerable populations in the northern provinces of Burundi. BUSONI commune is one of the communes of Kirundo province most affected by various recurrent natural disasters due to climate change.