IOM Burundi: Migrant Protection and Assistance Infosheet - January - December 2020


Ensuring the adequate protection of human rights of all migrants is at the heart of migration management, and the protection of crisis-affected populations is central to humanitarian action. IOM Burundi provides protection and assistance to migrants in vulnerable situations, from victims of human trafficking and migrants at risk of violence or abuse, to returning refugees and asylum seekers, survivors of gender-based violence (GBV) and other populations affected by COVID-19 and natural disasters. 2020 was the first year in which IOM significantly contributed to the identification, referral and assistance of victims of trafficking among internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Burundi.

In addition to direct assistance, IOM’s protection team also carried out awareness-raising campaigns and improved the capacity of governmental and non-governmental stakeholders to better understand and coordinate the response to a range of protection issues. Whenever possible, IOM makes referrals to existing services, and contributes from a protection angle to different coordination structures.


10,938 people reached by awareness raising sessions (focused on prevention and assistance to victims of human trafficking, protection of returning migrants in the context of the pandemic, mitigation and response to GBV).

1,116 external stakeholders, including prosecutors and judges, judicial police officers, and staff of non-governmental organizations, were trained on protection-related issues.

84 IOM staff were trained on protection and related issues (protection mainstreaming, data protection, prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse (PSEA)).

3 protection assessments: the protection response in Gatumba (IDP sites) and on the protection situation at points of entry and in quarantine sites.

1 research on human tracking in Burundi and of Burundians abroad (to be published in 2021).

IOM Burundi is an active member of the Protection Sector, the Inter-Agency Working Group on PSEA and of the GBV and Child Protection sub-sectors. IOM is also the co-lead of the Working Group against Trafficking in Persons, and co-lead of Pillar 5 of the Socio-economic Response to COVID-19.