Influx from the DRC to Burundi, UNHCR Emergency Update #2, 22 - 23 August 2013

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Published on 23 Aug 2013


• Population of Cishemere Transit center as of 21 August is 1,060 inividuals, including 131 men, 281 women, 359 girls and 380 boys.

• The average of 150 arrivals per day is now decreasing. On 23 August, only 60 asylum seekers were registered.

• On 21/8/2013, a registration exercise was done for 100 households of 322 individuals. They were interviewed by the immigration police (PAFE) and by ONPRA.

• During the registration, 37 households of 91 persons were identified as Burundians and were asked to leave Cishemere Transit Center.

• 14 Unaccompanied minors/separated children were identified among the persons with specific needs and referred to the National Red Cross for their best interest assessment ( BIA) before transfer. Since the beginning of the influx, a total of 43 unaccompanied minors were identified by the National Red Cross.

• First transfer of about 400 individuals expected to leave Cishemere transit center today for Kavumu refugee camp.