Inauguration of a drinking water supply in Nyanza-Lac commune

The Burundi Red Cross remains committed to the merciless struggle against cholera and dirty hand diseases. It is in this perspective that, in partnership with the ICRC, it rehabilitated 7 km of water conveyance in the Nyanza-Lac commune of province of Makamba. This hydraulic network, with a flow of 1.3 liters per second, serves 1253 households of 6265 people from Nyabigina Hill. It has its source on Murandamutsi hill. The inauguration of this infrastructure was held this Tuesday, February 21, 2016 at the chief city of Nyabigina hill.

Both the representative of the Burundi Red Cross and the representative of ICRC in this ceremony challenged the beneficiary populations to jealously protect this infrastructure which contributes to the eradication of dirty hand diseases . "Take advantage of the dividends of this donation though using potable water in order to put an end to the various epidemics linked to the lack of hygiene that haunt you. The Burundi Red Cross's volunteers, in collaboration with the administration at the grassroots level, must take the lead in protecting this infrastructure, "insisted the Director of Organizational Development and Humanitarian Diplomacy at the Burundi Red Cross. Balthazar Bacinoni added that, as an auxiliary of the public authorities, the Burundi Red Cross continues to support the government's policy in assisting the most vulnerable.

The advisor of the governor of the province of Makamba saluted this support. "Water is life and this infrastructure belongs to you. The protection of this infrastructure should be major your major concern at the same level of security, "insisted the governor's advisor. He asked the Burundi Red Cross and the ICRC to think of other communes of the province that are facing a real lack of safe drinking water.

For an effective sustainability of this hydraulic infrastructure, 29 water point management committees are already operational. They were trained in the rational management of water by the Burundi Red Cross in collaboration with the Communal Water Board of Nyanza-Lac.