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Humanitarian Implementation Plan (HIP) 2015 Democratic Republic of Congo and Great Lakes region (ECHO/COD/BUD/2015/91000) Last update: 10/12/2015 Version 4

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AMOUNT : EUR 61 500 000


Third modification of 10/12/2015

Since the second modification of this HIP, the situation has remained tense and unpredictable in Burundi. Human rights violations have continued to increase and freedom of expression to decrease. The security situation has lately deteriorated further with targeted killings and other human rights violations occurring on a regular basis. The daily level of violence risks spiralling out of control unless a political solution is rapidly found. There has also been a rise in inflammatory speeches, raising heightened concerns that the situation within Burundi is likely to significantly deteriorate further.
As the result, displacement of people fleeing the violence continues, both inside the country (figures of 15 000 internally displaced people identified by IOM could be higher, as most of the people hide and do not want to register themselves) and outside, with a total number of over 222 000 Burundian refugees in the Great Lakes region. The Regional Refugee Response Plan is still largely underfunded (66% gap).

While the flow of refugees seeking refuge to Rwanda has somewhat stabilised, Tanzania is receiving and hosting the largest number of refugees. As a result, the humanitarian situation remains critical in Tanzanian refugees camps due to this continuing influx and the lack of funding allowing for adequate services (such as shelters) to be delivered to refugees. Most of the basic services provided are well below internationally recognised standards (shelter, health, water and sanitation, education, protection). With the relocation process of part of the refugees to two new sites, the European Commission and other donors need urgently to step up their efforts to improve the current living conditions in the existing camps, support the setting up of the new sites, and prepare for the ongoing and future influx.

Given the humanitarian situation described above, the European Commission will increase the budget of this HIP by EUR 5 000 000. The additional funds will help to support key mandated partners responding to the basic needs of refugees in Tanzania, but also to respond to the protection needs of the Burundian population.