Great Lakes Region: UN Consolidated Appeal 2007

from Government of Sweden
Published on 02 Apr 2007
The Great Lakes Region - including Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda - has seen a continuation of a trend towards peace, nevertheless, humanitarian challanges remains.

By mid-2006, over 4 million people were estimated to remain displaced in the region. In 2006 there was approximately 700 000 people returning home, who will now face the challange of reintegrating, finding employment or other livelihood opportunities, accessing basic services, and recovering property. All this countries have generalised HIV/AIDS epidemics. Sexual and gender based violence has been endemic and systematic in the conflicts of the region.

The overall appeal amounts to 84.5 MUSD. The Swedish contribution is 5 million SEK, divided between OCHA 2 million SEK, FAO 2 million SEK, UNFPA 1 million SEK.