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The Global Appeal 2007

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The Global Appeal 2007


UNHCR's Global Appeal is published yearly to alert governmental and private sector donors, Executive Committee (ExCom) members and Standing Committee observers, Governments and their Permanent Missions in Geneva, the UN Secretariat, UN agencies, intergovernmental agencies, NGOs, regional organizations and other institutions and interested individuals to the plight of millions of refugees and others of concern to UNHCR. This tenth Global Appeal outlines the Office's strategies and programmes for 2007, and will be launched officially at UNHCR's annual Pledging Conference in Geneva in early December 2006. At this conference, it is hoped that many donors will inform UNHCR of their funding priorities and make announcements of financial contributions towards the protection and humanitarian needs of the world's displaced. As the Office depends almost exclusively on voluntary contributions to finance its programmes, flexible, early and predictable funding is vital to ensure uninterrupted operations.


This year, we are making several changes to the Global Appeal. We are including more information on UNHCR, including its presence throughout the world and numbers of staff. We are highlighting the challenges which the Office will have to face in 2007 to provide protection and assistance and find durable solutions for over 21 million refugees, asylum-seekers, and internally displaced and stateless people. In addition to the chapters on protection and durable solutions, we have also introduced separate chapters on important policy issues and priorities such as emergency response, internal displacement, protection of women and children, HIV/AIDS, and the environment. The Global Appeal continues to emphasize work in partnership with NGOs, other UN agencies, the Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement, and intergovernmental organizations such as IOM, as well as donors and host governments, giving due recognition to the important contribution they make towards the realization of UNHCR's mandate. The new Identifying needs and funding programmes chapter provides a broader view of UNHCR's budgeting exercise and programming criteria and comparisons between 2007 and 2006 budgets have been included throughout the document. The presentation of the Global Appeal has also changed: all the information related to programmes and operations has been included in a CD-ROM. In order to provide an overview of UNHCR's operations in the printed version, we have included five new regional summaries as well as summaries of Global programmes and Headquarters.

In the CD-ROM, UNHCR's operations are presented in 17 subregional overviews and 29 country chapters, according to UNHCR's regional structure, as well as in the Headquarters and Global programmes chapters.

In order to keep this document to a manageable length, only those operations with a budget of USD 5 million or more are presented in separate chapters. As in previous years, other operations are described in their respective regional overviews. More detailed information on specific countries can be found on UNHCR's website at www.unhcr.org/cops, where country operations plans are posted for the convenience of ExCom members.

Finally, the list of current ExCommembers, as well as a list of acronyms and a glossary can be found in the CD-ROM. Further information on UNHCR's policies, operations, ExCom documents and decisions, news stories and publications can be found on UNHCR's website, www.unhcr.org.

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