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Eastern Africa Displaced Populations Report - Issue 9, April 2011

Situation Report
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Regional Displacement Summary

The Eastern Africa region continued to experience inter-nal armed conflicts, with clashes being reported in So-malia and several parts of Eastern DRC. In Somalia, clashes between the African Union Mission in Somalia(AMISOM) and the Transitional Federal Government forces against Al Shabaab, continued in Mogadishu, Gedo and parts of lower Juba regions. UNHCR reports that at least 26,000 people were displaced in March 2011 of which 76% were due to insecurity, while about 50,000 people were displaced by drought. Access, including to local markets and humanitarian assistance is increasingly restricted, with a negative impact on livelihoods and commodity prices. In DRC, the former political rebel group in South Kivu, the Front Républicain pour la Fédération (FRF) surrendered to the government, hence likelihood of scaling down security tensions in the Fizi territory. Humanitarian operations are however still re-stricted due to the presence of the Mayi Mayi rebels, who in March attacked civilians, including humanitarian actors. In Province Orientale in DRC, there was a spike in civilian attacks by the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), with the recent trends indicating a shift from targeting civilians in remote areas, to attacking more heavily pop-ulated locations in northeastern Congo. Eighty six (86) LRA attacks have been reported in DRC during the first quarter of 2011, resulting in the displacement of about 33,000 persons between January and March 2011.

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