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East Africa Region (MAA64003) Mid-Year Report

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This report covers the period 1 January 2012 to 30 June 2012.


The Eastern Africa Region, is characterised by the complexity of slow and fast onset emergencies, with some of the worst humanitarian statistics in the world, the term complex emergencies was coined within Eastern Africa. In 2010/11 the crisis in the Horn of Africa has been cited as the most severe crisis in the last century. More than 13 million have been quoted as effected, with a mixture of natural and man-made causes. The EA Regional team, have supported in the scale up of National Societies, response to the HoA crisis: Although the CNN moment of the crisis has decreased, learning from the response in building the on-going resilience work, surge capacity for National Societies working with their governments, continued advocacy within the wider humanitarian sector in Eastern Africa on relevant and appropriate response, M&E, learning and reporting are crucial aspects of the EA Regional Representation work going forward into 2012 in addition to ongoing National Society recovery work on the response.. At the time of writing this report ICPAC (Inter-Governmental Climate Information, Prediction, Early Warning and Application for Sustainable development) a specialised agency of IGAD have already predicted that the Eastern African regional will be facing El Nino (higher likelihood of floods) conditions in the later stage of 2012 and again La Nina (Drought conditions) from February 2013. The Eastern African Regional Representation will continue to positions itself within its coordination, representation and influencing mandate for national societies not just as first responders to emergencies within the countries and region, but also a key player in the resilience debate and actions within the region. The EA Regional Representation will continue to promote and influence the wider sector on the National Societies niche and ability of the scope and scale of its work, within the countries and region. Please see EA RR LTPF