Burundi Situation Report: 28 May - 03 Jun 2007


Update on Burundians expelled from Tanzania: During the reporting week, the Government project for the reintegration of war-affected persons (PARESI) registered 256 persons (123 families) expelled from Tanzania. 187 persons (82 families) were registered at the entry point of Kobero (Muyinga) and 69 persons (41 families) at the entry point of Mishiha (Cankuzo). Since January 2007, PARESI has recorded 2,807 expelled persons (1,507 families).

Update on food aid distribution: Over the reporting week, WFP distributed 1,642 MT of food assistance to 263,043 vulnerable persons through its various programmes: Feeding centers, food for work/food for training, assistance to refugees, HIV/AIDS affected persons and targeted distribution.

Food security: FAO/Emergency Rehabilitation and Coordination Unit (FAO/ERCU) undertook an evaluation of the distribution of seeds and tools for season 2007-B and its impact on the beneficiaries. Over the reporting week, the mission visited the communes of Giheta, Makebuko (in the province of Gitega), Vumbi and Busoni (in the province of Kirundo). Preliminary findings reveal that the season 2007-B crop yield will be good. However, the overall impact of assistance on beneficiaries for season 2007-B will be known after the up coming crop harvest evaluation has been concluded. The evaluation which started on May 21st will end on June 8th, 2007.

Repatriation of Burundian refugees

During the week under review, UNHCR registered 111 Burundian returnees who arrived from Tanzania (71), Rwanda (39) and Burkina Faso (1). Since January 2007, 3,529 Burundian returnees have been recorded. Since the beginning of facilitated repatriations in 2002, UNHCR has registered 342,528 Burundians who returned from exile. There are still over 350,000 Burundian refugees in Tanzania, and more than 17,000 in the DRC.

Security: The security situation remains calm despite reported cases of armed banditry in the provinces of Bujumbura Rural, Bubanza and Cibitoke. The Palipehutu-FNL (Agathon Rwasa) combatants who are presently in Bujumbura Rural continue to allegedly extort money and food from already vulnerable populations.


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