Burundi Situation Report: 21 - 27 May 2007


Update on Burundians expelled from Tanzania: During the reporting week, the government project for the reintegration of war-affected persons (PARESI) registered 319 persons (145 families) expelled from Tanzania. 114 persons (49 families) were registered at the entry point of Kobero (Muyinga) and 205 persons (96 families) at the entry point of Mishiha (Cankuzo). Since January 2007, PARESI has recorded 2,594 expelled persons (1,405 families).

Update on food aid distribution: WFP in collaboration with NGO partners including: World Vision, CARE, Action Contre la Faim (ACF), Gruppo Voluntariato Civile (GVC), International Medical Corps (IMC) and Caritas distributed 2,442 MT of food assistance to 41, 4734 beneficiaries nationwide, through its various programmes: Feeding centers, food for work/food for training, assistance to refugees, HIV/AIDS affected persons and targeted distribution.

Food security: Under its livestock rehabilitation programme which started in 2005, FAO/Emergency Rehabilitation and Coordination Unit (ERCU) continued the distribution of goats to vulnerable families. Over the reporting week, FAO/ERCU in collaboration with ACF and the provincial agriculture and livestock department distributed a total of 702 goats to 234 targeted beneficiaries in all the communes of Ruyigi province. Beneficiaries must meet the following criteria: be a returnee in reintegration phase, have access to land property, own a field of fodder crops and commit to stable rearing. In addition, they must engage in the community solidarity chain which consists of giving the three first born kids to another community member who meets the above mentioned criteria. This FAO/ERCU livestock rehabilitation programme has already covered the provinces of Makamba, Rutana, Muyinga, Karuzi and Gitega.

Repatriation of Burundian refugees

During the week under review, UNHCR registered 182 Burundian returnees who arrived from Tanzania through the entry points of Kobero in Muyinga province (35), Gisuru in Ruyigi province (25) and Mabanda in Makamba province (108). Since January 2007, 3,478 Burundian returnees have been recorded. There are still over 300,000 Burundian refugees in Tanzania, and more than 17,000 in the DRC.

Coordination: OCHA went on mission to the communes of Mutimbuzi and Isale in the province of Bujumbura Rural to assess the security and humanitarian situation. Despite the presence of Palipehutu-FNL (Agathon Rwasa) rebels, the situation remains calm. No security incident has been reported in the province for months. The mission also noted promising crop harvests for the agricultural season 2007-B, which will improve the food security situation for populations in Bujumbura Rural.

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