Burundi Situation Report: 15 - 22 Apr 2007



Food security: In preparation of the agricultural season 2007-C, the FAO/Emergency Rehabilitation and Coordination Unit (ERCU) purchased 2,800 kgs of 11 different types of vegetable seeds to assist nearly 280,000 family beneficiaries. This quantity will be complemented by the distribution of quality seeds of beans, maize, soya bean, peanuts and potatoes to vulnerable families who have access to marshlands. This activity is under the seeds rehabilitation programme under which the distribution of livestock is underway in the targeted provinces of Ruyigi, Cankuzo, Gitega and Ngozi. By end of June 2007, 5,151 goats will have been distributed to around 1,700 beneficiaries including especially returnees and former displaced persons in the stage of reinstallation. This distribution is an additional support to vulnerable families whose crop harvests were very poor in agricultural seasons 2006-C and 2007-A.

As part of ongoing efforts to attenuate the effects of food insecurity affecting several provinces, in collaboration with SOPRAD ActionAid Burundi distributed 187 MT of beans and maize and 12,000 bags of vegetable seeds to 6,250 families in the commune of Bweru in Ruyigi province.


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