Burundi Situation Report: 06 - 13 May 2007



Health UN agencies support the Government of Burundi against maternal and neonatal tetanus: The first round of the tetanus immunization campaign which reached 838,098 women aged between 12 and 45 years, took place from the 7th to 11th of May. Provinces covered include Bujumbura Rural, Bururi, Cibitoke, Gitega, Kirundo, Muramvya and Ruyigi which were targeted as high risk areas. This vaccination campaign was completed thanks to the financial and technical support of UNICEF, WHO and all partners operating in said provinces. The second round will be conducted from the 11th to 15th June 2007.

World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day celebrated in Burundi: the Burundian Red Cross society commemorated May 8th together with other partners. This year's theme is "Together for humanity". Humanitarian activities were organized throughout the country. In Bujumbura Mairie, the Burundian Red Cross Society distributed non food items to vulnerable persons in the central jail of Mpimba and to sick persons in the national health facility of Prince Régent Charles and the Centre hospitalo universitaire de Kamenge. This assistance which composed of jerry cans, soap, blankets and clothes was distributed to 168 prisoners including 63 women and 105 children, detained in the central jail of Mpimba. An exhibition of the International Red Cross Red Crescent Movement was also held in Bujumbura Mairie, where the movement's humanitarian principles were disseminated.

Food security, rehabilitation of livestock: During the week under review, FAO/Emergency Rehabilitation and Coordination unit (ERCU) provided 891 goats to 297 vulnerable families (three goats per family) majority of whom were returnees in the communes of Bugendana and Itaba in the province of Gitega. In addition to the vulnerability criteria, beneficiaries must have access to land property, own a field of fodder crops and commit to stable rearing. Furthermore, they have to engage in the community solidarity chain which consists of giving the three first born kids to another community member who meets the above mentioned criteria. To this end, an agreement is signed between the beneficiary and FAO/ERCU, witnessed by the provincial head of agriculture and livestock and the veterinary medical officer. This activity falls under the livestock rehabilitation programme that FAO/ERCU started in 2005.

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