Burundi: Revised Emergency Plan of Action (EPoA) Complex Emergency (MDRBI012)


The Revised Emergency Appeal has been adjusted and developed to incorporate the needs and reflect the current situation in Burundi. In order to meet these needs the revised appeal will change the Health and Care component to support BRCS with their cholera response and will reduce the number of people to be assisted to more accurately reflect the activities being implemented.

To enhance BRCS’s logistics capacity and ensure the emergency appeal achieves its objectives the appeal will be extended for an additional 6 months until March 2017.

The current appeal captures the contribution of Netherlands Red Cross and ICRC who are working in Burundi with BRCS. Whilst this engagement will continue with partners in-country the budget will be reduced to capture the components being implemented by IFRC.

As a result, the Revised Emergency Appeal budget has decreased from CHF 1,532,090 to a new budget of CHF 718,325. There are however other activities which shall be implemented to complement the Emergency Appeal but these shall be supported and funded bilaterally by Partner National Societies.