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Burundi Regional Refugee Response Plan January 2019-December 2020, Addendum: 2020 Mid-year COVID-19 Revision

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In June and July 2020, a mid-year revision of the 2020 Burundi Regional Refugee Response Plan (RRRP) was undertaken as an inter-agency consultative process to discuss and document the reprioritization of activities and corresponding budgets for the rest of the year, taking into account the impacts of COVID-19 and other developments.
This Addendum and its accompanying budget revision summarize the impact of the pandemic and response priorities, as well as introducing an additional regional strategic objective and reporting indicators to reflect additional activities.

As of August 2020, there had not been any major outbreak in any of the camps or settlements hosting Burundian refugees in the region, but the COVID-19 pandemic had yet to peak in any of the countries hosting Burundian refugees and is expected to be a key feature of the refugee response landscape into 2021.

Recent Developments in Burundi

Despite heightened tensions during the May elections, there has not been any major forced displacement inside Burundi or across borders. In his inaugural speech on 18 June, the new President of Burundi urged people who had fled the country, including government critics, human rights activists and refugees to return home. UNHCR remains committed to support repatriation to Burundi as the primary durable solution for those refugees who indicate their desire to return. It remains, however, crucial to preserve the asylum space for refugees who do not opt for voluntary return to Burundi at this time and to respect the right to seek asylum.