Burundi - Landmines Country Report

Situation Report
Originally published
30 Apr 96 - The main highway linking Burundi's capital to much of the rest of the country was closed for a second day on
Tuesday because landmines laid by rebels, security forces said. They said the mines were a new move by Hutu rebels to cut off the capital, dominated by the Tutsi minority, from the rest of Burundi where fighting has uprooted 100,000 people in the last two months. (Source: Reuters)

22 Dec. 95 - The UN Secretary-General appointed Marc Faguy of Canada as his Special Representative to Burundi after
voicing concern about the country's deteriorating internal security situation. The day before, grenade attacks on WFP and
ICRC compounds in Central Burundi wounded one UNHCR employee. CARE International suspended operations until 1
January 1996.


SITUATION - Burundi is mine affected country due to the deteriorating and overflowing unstable security conditions in
neighboring Rwanda and Zaire. ICRC suspended water suuplies into a drought afected northern region because of mine
attacks against its personnel and property.

Number of Mines


Inhumane Weapons Convention


Moratorium on the export of anti-personnel mines