Burundi: Inter-Agency Monitoring Report, 22 December 2015

Situation Report
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Key Points

  • The AU Peace and Security Council authorizes the deployment of an African Prevention and Protection mission to Burundi, as the death toll continues to rise in the country, At least 87 people were killed on 11 December following the worst violent incidents since the failed coup in May 2015.

  • IASC Emergency Directors call for urgent action to prevent a humanitarian crisis in Burundi, following their visit to the country from 2 to 5 December 2015.

  • A recent emergency food security assessment indicates a slight deterioration of the food security and nutrition situation in the six provinces most affected by the current political crisis.

  • The Government and humanitarian partners adopt a joint flood response plan requiring US$14.6 million to meet the needs of up to 75,000 people.

I. Situation Overview

The post-electoral stalemate in Burundi continues, marked by persistent delays in the start of the inclusive inter-Burundian dialogue mediated by Uganda, coupled with an escalation of violence. The Ugandan Defence Minister, Dr. Crispus Kiyonga, announced on 19 December the resumption of the dialogue on 28 December in Kampala. However, in its 19 December press statement, the UN Security Council, stressing the urgency of the situation, said that “alternative options might be considered by the AU and the UN” should Ugandan-led mediation efforts fail to kick-off as scheduled.

The security situation continues to deteriorate. At least 87 people were killed on 11 December during attacks carried out against military installations in Bujumbura and in Bujumbura Rural, and subsequent alleged summary executions.

On 17 December, the African Union Peace and Security Council authorized the deployment of an African Prevention and Protection Mission to Burundi (MAPROBU). The 5,000-strong force including military and police will be tasked with protecting civilians and creating the conditions for an inter-Burundian dialogue. The UN Secretary-General had earlier proposed to the Security Council to deploy a team to support his Special Adviser, while the options of a fully-fledged political or peacekeeping mission for Burundi were being considered. In its 19 December press statement, the UN Security Council “urged all Burundian stakeholders to fully cooperate” with MAPROBU.

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