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Burundi: Humanitarian Snapshot (May 2019)


Malaria | The number of health districts that have passed the epidemic threshold has continued to increase in May. Nine health districts are above the alert threshold and thirty-three are above the epidemic threshold. The number of cases recorded since the start of the year now exceeds three million, a fifty per cent increase compared to the same period in 2018. Repatriated | Between January and May, over 13,000 Burundians have been voluntarily repatriated mainly from Tanzania. Refugees | Since the start of this year an average of 642 people per month continue to seek refuge in neighboring countries. Tanzania is hosting around 189,000 refugees, Rwanda 71,000, DRC 45,000, and Uganda 41,000.
In total there are now 346,000 refugees in neighboring countries. Natural Disasters | During the month of May 517 people were affected by torrential rains and floods. This month has seen the lowest number of people reportedly affected during this rainy season. With the start of the dry season, the risk of people being affected by natural disasters is reduced until the next rainy season in October.


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