Burundi: Complex Emergency Appeal Revision no 1 (MDRBI012)

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This revised Emergency Appeal seeks a total of 718,325 Swiss francs (reduced from 1,532,090 Swiss francs) to enable the IFRC to support the Burundi Red Cross Society (BRCS) to deliver assistance and support to some 15,750 people, with a focus on health, shelter and National Society capacity building to manage the response.

With multilateral funding received of 654,131 Swiss francs, the funding gap is 64,194 Swiss francs. The revised Emergency Appeal has been adjusted and developed to incorporate the needs and reflects the current situation in Burundi. In order to meet these needs, the revised plan reflects a change in the health component to support the BRCS with their cholera response, and reduces the number of people to be assisted from 100,000 to 15,750 to accurately reflect the activities being implemented over the extended 6-month timeframe.

The disaster and the Red Cross Red Crescent response to date

April 2015: The political and security situation in Burundi becomes tense with violence erupting in the capital of Bujumbura and some provinces in the aftermath of President Nkurunziza decision to run for another term.

November 2015: In addition to the civil unrest, the population is also affected by multiple emergencies, including the El Niño phenomena, internal displacement, food insecurity, and increased risk of infections and water borne disease.

September 2016: An estimated 298,162 people are reported to have fled from Burundi to neighbouring countries.

January 2016: Discussions at the UN Security Council and African Union (AU) levels to promote peace talks and the AU proposed peacekeeping. No meaningful agreements reached.

January – February 2016: IFRC surge mission to support BRCS needs and capacity assessments. 161,922 Swiss francs allocated from the IFRC’s Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF).

April 2016: Emergency Appeal launched for 1,532,090 Swiss francs to assist up to 100,000 people across the country.

October 2016: Revised Emergency Appeal issued for 718,325 Swiss francs to assist 15,750 people, with a 6-month timeframe extension (to 31 March 2017).