Burundi: 2015 Post Elections - Contingency Plan

President Pierre Nkurunziza’s decision to run for a controversial third term in office plunged Burundi in its deepest political crisis since the end of its civil war. Rather than consolidating the fragile peace and stability Burundians enjoyed in recent years, these latest elections, considered as not credible by most observers, seem to have further increased mistrust among Burundian stakeholders and put the country in a new uncertainty. As a result of the crisis, a different humanitarian situation has emerged within Burundi and close to 200,000 Burundians have sought asylum in the neighbouring countries. In this context and given the potential for the crisis to continue or even escalate, humanitarian agencies in Burundi have revised their plan to ensure adequate measures are in place to help save lives and alleviate acute suffering through the provision of necessary coordinated protection and assistance for people in need. When the political and security situation improve, partners are also committed to restore self-reliance through recovery activities targeting the most vulnerable people to build their resilience to shock and lay the foundations for durable solutions.

$32,540,325 is the estimated total funding required to prepare and respond to the humanitarian needs of up to 400,000 Burundians

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs:

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