Brighter beginnings in Burundi

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90% of the population of Burundi are subsistence farmers but many women are unable to contribute because they have no childcare options. The emerge poverty free Toddlers’ Day Care Centre in Gitega, Burundi will provide that childcare, and an opportunity to educate the mothers about health and nutrition.

As part of our local partnership with African Revival Ministries (ARM), emerge poverty free is breaking ground on the next chapter in our focus community development in Gitega, Burundi: the emerge poverty free Toddlers’ Day Care Centre, which will open in early 2015.

The day care centre, which will operate in conjunction with the Infant Nutrition Centre launched in 2009, will not only benefit the 35 children it will accommodate, but also their parents and by extension the surrounding community.

The Toddlers’ Day Care Centre will allow mothers, the traditional family caregivers, access to childcare, which in turn allows them to contribute to the household and fosters social standing in their community. The day care centre will also be used as an avenue through which mothers can receive advice and education on health, hygiene, and basic nutrition for their young children.

As an extension of the nutrition centre, the day care centre will ensure toddlers in its care receive sufficient food to avoid stunting and malnutrition. In addition to their physical wellbeing, the day care centre will seek to improve early year education for toddlers, thereby enhancing their educational and social development.

The Toddlers’ Day Care Centre meets the needs of mothers, and families, who are eager to work, but who would otherwise be limited in doing so due to the demands of childcare. It is an investment in future generations and long term development within the community.