2018 Burundi Regional RRP: Regional Overview of the Burundian Refugee Population (as of 30 September 2018)

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Published on 30 Sep 2018 View Original



The figures presented reflect the refugee population covered by the Burundi Regional Refugee Response Plan and include Burundian refugees who fled since April 2015, as well as some 37,000 Burundian refugees who had sought asylum in the region prior to April 2015. In addition to the population above, there are some 13,200 Burundian refugees in Kenya, 8,500 in Mozambique, 7,700 in Malawi, 8,900 in South Africa and 5,000 in Zambia who are assisted within the respective country-level programmes. A further 23,000 Burundian refugees, who have lived for decades in Tanzania, no longer receive assistance and are not included in these figures.